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We offer modern solutions to optimize the workflow

Our solutions


Unified monitoring, reporting and data management system


Opifex AI

Process optimization system with the use of computer vision and AI


Opifex Technology

Opifex Technology is a technology company that develops software solutions using computer vision, data analysis and artificial intelligence. Using modern technologies, we conduct research in this area and offer customers effective, easy-to-use products. We help businesses automate their workflow. In a global market where the importance of data is growing day by day, we strive to find solutions that can meet the need for AI-enabled data management.

Corporate values of our company


Always demonstrate professionalism, are motivated and work at a high level.


Provide high quality products and services. Individual approach to each client.

Focus on results

Stick to the goal, despite external circumstances.

Why choose us?

Professionalism and competence

Orientation to the client's tasks


Individual approach

Work quality

Meeting deadlines

Flexible prices

Responsibility for the result


Aleksei Sukhanov


Highly experienced industrial software developer, specializing in collecting and analyzing data from industrial machines for real-time monitoring of production processes and Edge AI implementation for production optimization and improved efficiency.

Ravshan Hojimatov

Data Scientist

Experienced Data Scientist and Research Engineer, possessing expert knowledge in data analysis and machine learning.

Zubaidullo Niimatullo uulu

Senior Software Engineer

Highly skilled software engineer with experience in design, implementation, testing, and delivering exceptional user experiences. Proficient in algorithms, data structures, and system design.

Nursultan Turdaliev

Senior Software Engineer

Experienced payment solutions developer who can integrate various payment methods and create reliable APIs.

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